Libby MacGregor
Chartered Physiotherapist
July 2018

I recently attended a 4 day weaving workshop. In the weaving studio I was impressed to find a selection of brilliantly comfortable and very attractive wooden chairs and stools designed, I later discovered, by Jonty Rose.

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and have worked for the past 44 years in a number of healthcare settings – outpatients, community Physiotherapy, palliative care and now in private Physiotherapy practice. Frequently treating patients with varied conditions and injuries, hampered by pain, limited mobility in knees, hips, lower backs, necks and shoulders – a large part of our task is to re-educate our patients regarding maintaining normal safe posture.

I often advise my patients on ideal posture and suitable chairs for patients, especially for those working in offices where they sit much of the day. Finding chairs that help prevent repetitive strain problems and especially low back pain is a constant challenge. There are so few really attractive, sturdy, comfortable but ergonomically well designed chairs.

Jonty Rose’s design of chairs really address all these challenges. They are incredibly comfortable. They look fantastic and are ergonomically ideal in a meeting/board room, kitchen or dining room. The gracefully curved back rest anatomically encourages the user to sit in a beneficial ‘neutral’ spine position, enabling the lumbar spine to retain its normal lordosis (inward curve) position. This in turn encourages good posture in the thoracic and cervical spine.

I thoroughly recommend these beautifully designed chairs for comfortable, prolonged and safe seating and as an attractive piece of furniture not only in the workplace but also in the home.

Sue Wright

I met up with Jonty (Jonathan) Rose and immediately fell in love with his attentive chair – it was so comfortable – I just knew I would like to have six for my dining table.

Nowadays most of my home life and all its chattering revolves around the dining table in a kitchen area – so I needed chairs that could be sat on for hours and suitable for all ages 10 upwards.

As a tapestry weaver I mentioned to Jonty that I would like six different design on the backs of the chairs reflecting art nouveau weaving plus the joining device motif of my table – well that was it. Jonty sent me his ideas and we worked together on the colour combinations – It was such fun, emails flashing backwards and onwards as the design ideas progressed.

And now I have six chairs around my table which are extremely comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and a great talking point.



Pilates Instructor
September 2018

The Jonathan Rose Design chairs are beautifully crafted. The materials used are of the highest quality and the finish outstanding.

I handled and experienced sitting in one made of ash and upholstered with red leather. I found it had good lumbar support due to the clever design of the curved back. The slightly domed seat enhanced this further as the pelvis is positioned slightly higher than the knees.

The chair is not just aesthetically pleasing, modern and elegant, but also very practical both in the office and home environment. The handles make it easy to move about.