start of year thoughts

I look at this work by Danish textile practitioner Anette Bendixen and I love the combination of thought, use of materials and the idea behind an image that shocked the 19th century salon society, being made in the 21st century from yarns. The interlacing is done by hand with each connection dependent on the judgement of the makers eye and the skill of their hand.

Picts needed to create influential images. The work involved carving granite which suggests the person who commissioned the work had something important and enduring to say. Mysterious in our current world, but something to take inspiration from. Look at the maiden stone and wonder.

Beatriz Schaaf-Giesser made this image from felt, which sits beautifully on granite but is in a material which requires skill and understanding to work. From this textile collaboration using images carved on stone, here is a new back design for Attentive in wood and copper.

One project completed last year has been an experiment in modular display units, inspired by wine boxes but sized to fit LP’s. This is called the ‘Elpea’ system, where each unit locks together and is built up from the floor.

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